AdNetwork & 
Influencer Marketing

System automation & advanced algorithm

enables us to deal with many tasks using less human resources

Start Retargeting, Purchasement Targeting, and Appography Targeting ADs today!


Most of campaigns are being launched with media- optimized creatives that motivate users to become loyal users


With high DAU and popular SNS channels, APPSILON enables intensive marketing plan within a short-term


There are many partners of APPSILON in Korea You may see who are with us!

Value And Focus the Unvisibles

South Korean Ad Network APPSILON (앱실론)has its headquarter in Seoul.

APPSILON is pursuing total mobile marketing services especially for mobile advertisement based on performance marketing.

APPSILON has the largest volume of SNS channels in South Korea as well as qualified mobile inventories that are optimized to generate good-quality traffics in order to achieve advertisers' KPI

Also, with its DSP, RANKAT, you will be able to enjoy to utilize
upto 80% of entire mobile traffic around the world with sophiscated and precise algorithm to target your customers, but in simple U

Designing For Beyond Saftisfaction

Not only being an adnetwork, APPSILON(앱실론) never stops to maximize the performance of campaigns by delivering the traffic from owned
& contracted medias  by creating & editing creatives.

With over 500 campaign references, you can enjoy advance of marketing

performance delivered by APPSILON through brilliant img., video, and 
HTML5-based rich media creatives by APPSILON Creative Studio, EMASY.